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The Crypt Shyfter Sexy Goddess Bundle is a special collection of Crypt Shyfter adventures containing interactive... uh... love-making scenes. Get your groove on with aliens, space cadets, cowboys/cowgirls, kung fu warriors, barbarians, and pirates!

These interactive text sext adventures are for ADULTS ONLY (18+). Try not to rip your dick off.

Want to play all the adventures in the series? Grab the Complete Crypt Shyfter Collection!

The Adventures:

Temple of the Barbarian Queen - The sexy barbarian queen has summoned you to her chambers. You'd better do as she bids.

Den of the Saber Cat - You and your childhood best friend have found yourselves trapped in the den of a vicious saber cat! If you can't defeat the beast, you'd better find another way to keep yourselves entertained.

Ravager - A barbarian warlord called The Ravager is pillaging and plundering the village. Perhaps you can convince The Ravager to go home without using violence...

Starship Desire - Shyfters have destroyed the starfleet! Now you and Captain Magma are stranded on a derelict spacecraft, drifting through space all alone... whatever will you do?

Vortex - Fantasy. Help Captain Four Fingers and her pirates find their lost crew in Shipwreck Cove.

Dreadnaughts - Kung Fu/Fantasy. Lord Hawk has returned after a thousand years and he's trying to destroy the Jade Palace with his zombie army.

Starwisp - Sword & Planet. Space vampires are killing the loompas! But where are they coming from? Someone has to investigate!

Rebellion - Sword & Planet. You've been enslaved by the Gorlons and they're forcing you to fight Shyfters in their alien gladiator arena!

Limerick - Weird Western. Welcome to Limerick. You are a Paladin, a gunslinging, magic weilding badass sworn to protect the innocent and bring order to the wild frontier towns. But (of course there's a but) all is not well in Limerick. Paladins are going missing, outlaws are harassing the locals and hoarding dynamite, and swarms of rotspawn have been seen in the canyons nearby. It's up to you, with your magic staff, your trusty boomstick, and your Shyfter Steel pistols, to restore peace to Limerick and drive off the evil infecting the town. Try not to get yourself shot.

Cover art by BONESofBURIED


Buy Now$6.69 USD or more

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Den of the Saber Cat.html 478 kB
Ravager.html 475 kB
Starship Desire.html 496 kB
Temple of the Barbarian Queen.html 481 kB
04. Vortex.html 588 kB
05. Dreadnaughts.html 823 kB
08. Starwisp.html 671 kB
09. Rebellion.html 582 kB
10. Limerick.html 883 kB
27. Citadel of the Flame King.html 637 kB
28. Dragonfire.html 639 kB

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