You wake up in a barn, unsure of how you got here. Peasants and soldiers whisper about undead, evil spirits, and Shyfters.

Looks like there's only one person who can deal with this shit... YOU!

Assume the role of a badass hero once again in this epic kung fu fantasy adventure- Crypt Shyfter: Dreadnaughts!

This game was made in Twine.

If you wanna listen to music while playing, open the sidebar at any time to select a track. You can mute audio if you prefer to play the game without music.

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writer: KungFuSpaceBarbarian
cover artist: Butzbo
Here Come the Zombies! by AlxEllis
Battle Start! by MeteorManMike
Lair of Doom by HelpThePoor
Old Song by TheDoubleOne
Battle Drums by Troisnyx
Dusty Samurai by ScrabbitTheRabbit