Makkana, fellow badasses!

A brand new adventure awaits. If you're an old timer who's been here since the beginning, welcome back! And if you're one of the new kids on the block, it's nice to meet ya! I'm KungFuSpaceBarbarian and I make games like this.

The comments section is a great way to interact with me and influence the direction of future games. It's also the perfect spot to point out misspellings and goofs in the game- I try my best to ensure these adventures are bug-free before posting them, but sometimes I miss things- what can I say, I'm a pea-brained barbarian! You're probably surprised these adventures aren't written in cave paintings. Come to think of it, that would be kinda cool...

Anyway, by pointing out my unforgivable mistakes, you can help ensure that the badasses following in your footsteps experience a much smoother adventure. I fix all mistakes as soon as they're identified, so don't hold back!

Reader input has driven this series from the start, so feel free to share your thoughts below! I try to respond to every single comment so please know that your words hold weight! Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to write these adventures- if something bothers you or tickles your fancy, let me know so I can adjust future adventures accordingly.

I hope you all enjoy reading/playing Crypt Shyfter: Colossus as much as I enjoyed writing it. See ya next month with another exciting adventure!

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